My Uploads from CollegeAnywhere

CollegeAnywhere introduces My Uploadsthe Place for all your instructor content!


All converted to web-friendly formats that don’t require the original application

All access managed through your LMS (with web interface too!)

All managed by you – no sharing your content or data to a service

With My Uploads from CollegeAnywhere, you store, organize and deliver streamed content from CollegeAnywhere’s private and secure servers in formats which can be viewed on any device.

My Uploads is a cost effective, campus wide solution to provide storage and management of instructor and instructor managed student content. Designed by educators to enhance teaching and learning. For only $8,999 for higher education (SD).

You can deliver:


Upload video files from your desktop or laptop computer or mobile device – they are converted, stored and streamed in HTML5 format compatible with desktop and mobile devices

Record camera video on your desktop, laptop or mobile device and upload the file to My Uploads where it stored and streamed in HTML5 format – compatible with desktop and mobile devices

Web and mobile interface with no mobile app required

Microsoft Office files:

PowerPoint files converted to HTML5, maintaining timing, voice tracks and other added functions. File downloads not required. Word and Excel sheets converted to web friendly formats. Office files can be set to download as well for user editing. 

Image files are converted to web-compatible formats.

Mini-websites allow users to create html-based content to upload and deliver as websites to learners. This is especially useful for applications which include html features for such things as interactive instruction.

No additional charge transcription for all video and audio uploads plus advanced 3Play Media premium transcription option (click here for details)

Have institutional licensed content? Learn about Institutional Collections.

  • CollegeAnywhere content and uploads can be integrated with your Learning Management System via LTI. CollegeAnywhere’s APIs allow integration of CollegeAnywhere directly in other Learning Management Systems. Contact us for more information.
  • Contact CollegeAnywhere to test drive the CollegeAnywhere My Uploads and evaluate the outstanding content of our producer partners.
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