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Overview – Physics for the 21st Century

Explore the frontiers of physics research with the scientists on the front lines in this 11-unit course in modern physics.

Dark matter, string theory, particle accelerators, and other big topics in modern physics come together in this multimedia course for high school physics teachers, undergraduate students, and all adults who are fascinated by physics and cosmology. The course covers a broad scale, from sub-atomic particle physics, through atomic and molecular physics, to cosmology. The videos feature 22 case studies of researchers from leading research labs and universities who are breaking new ground in their fields.

Produced by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Science Media Group in association with the Harvard University Department of Physics.

Sample Program – Physics for the 21st Century

Sample Experiment – Physics for the 21st Century


  • The Basic Building Blocks of Matter
  • The Fundamental Interactions
  • Gravity
  • String Theory and Extra Dimensions
  • The Quantum World
  • Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics
  • Manipulating Light
  • Emergent Behavior in Quantum Matter
  • Biophysics
  • Dark Matter
  • Dark Energy

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