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Sample Program – Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions

Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions teaches concepts of general chemistry by presenting real challenges in energy production, materials development, biochemistry, and environmental protection. The course zeroes in on core topics taught in introductory chemistry, providing a strong foundation for learners to pursue further study in science, med- tech fields, or a liberal education. Videos include lab demonstrations of key laws and processes, interviews with research scientists and industrial chemists, and explanatory animations. An online text covers science history and major discoveries with clear explanations and graphics. Interactive labs provide hands-on simulations of chemical processes.

Produced by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Science Media Group in association with the Harvard University Department of Physics.


  • Matter and the Rise of Atomic Theory: The Art of the Meticulous
  • The Behavior of Atoms: Phases of Matter and the Properties of Gases
  • Atoms and Light: Exploring Atomic and Electronic Structure
  • Organizing Atoms and Electrons: The Periodic Table
  • Making Molecules: Lewis Structures and Molecular Geometries
  • Quantifying Chemical Reactions: Stoichiometry and Moles
  • The Energy in Chemical Reactions: Thermodynamics and Enthalpy
  • When Chemicals Meet Water: The Properties of Solutions
  • Equilibrium and Advanced Thermodynamics: Balance in Chemical Reactions
  • Acids and Bases: The Voyage of the Proton
  • The Metallic World: Electrochemistry and Coordination Compounds
  • Kinetics and Nuclear Chemistry: The Need for Speed
  • Modern Materials and the Solid State: Crystals, Polymers, and Alloys

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