Legal Environment of Business: The Business Library

Legal Environment of Business: Making Decisions, Managing Risks

Legal Environment of Business provides a sound legal foundation that students can use to understand the laws and regulations affecting today’s businesses. This course features expert commentary from leading legal authorities and dramatic case studies of landmark judicial decisions that affect social policy as well as the environment in which all businesses operate.

Sample Program – The Legal System: Social, Ethical & Judicial Foundations


  • The Legal System: Social, Ethical & Judicial Foundations
  • Trials & Tribulations: Resolving Disputes In & Out of Court
  • Willful & Inexcusable: The Nature of Intentional Torts
  • Fault Lines: Negligence & Strict Liability
  • Breaking the Rules: Business Torts & Employer Liability
  • Illegal, Immoral & Ill-Advised: Business Crimes & Corporate
  • Coming to Terms: An Introduction to Contracts
  • The Bottom Line: Contract Performance & The Uniform Commercial Code
  • Contracts without Consequences: Voidable, Unenforceable & Void
  • Protecting the Public: Consumer Law
  • Buying Trouble: Product Liability
  • Workplace Woes: Employment Law

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