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New! Enhanced and Updated Video Upload Tool |New! Meet Rick Fiore |
New! CA Website | New! CA Webinar December 21 |

Best wishes of the season from CollegeAnywhere! As we approach the end of the year, we have several new developments to close 2015.

New! Enhanced and Updated Video Upload Tool

CollegeAnywhere’s Video Upload Tool has been popular with instructors and instructional designers who wish to include their own content in their courses. Videos are streamed from CollegeAnywhere’s servers in formats which support all popular devices, and your content is integrated into course sites using our LMS integration for Blackboard, Canvas, WebStudy, and many learning management systems supporting LTI integration. Our users have asked for enhancements, and we have rolled out two features this fall designed around user input:

Desktop Recording: In addition to uploading video and audio recordings, instructors and instructional designers can record presentations using their webcam and upload the recordings directly to their own CollegeAnywhere account, where they are processed and available for integration in their courses in the same way as content from the CollegeAnywhere Collections. Like all CollegeAnywhere video files, these video streams are compatible with a variety of devices.

StudentUpload menuStudent Assignment Uploads: With this new feature, students can now upload content in the same manner as instructors – with an important twist. Instructors create an assignment for uploads, which allows the instructor to manage where uploads are permitted in a course, and availability of the content for viewing by other students. This feature, a result of conversations with users, allows the institution to manage student content, and insures that content can be reviewed and approved by the instructor before it is shared with others, if that level of management is called for in the course design.

Interested in learning more? Join next week’s webinar – see below!  

New! Meet Rick Fiore

RickFiore-webCollegeAnywhere is excited to introduce the newest member of our team, Rick Fiore, who has joined us as sales represetnative, Rick comes from the corporate side of teaching and learning and sales, with long experience as both a sales representative and as an executive respoonsible for training and management of sales teams. He has a strong interest in the possibilities of using media technology to change and enhance teaching and learning, and in introcducing CollegeAnywhere’s tools and collections to new institutions and organizations outside of our higher education core where our resources could support training and other teaching and learning activities. Rick will be working with our support and management staff, and looks forward to working with current and new CollegeAnywhere institutions. You can reach Rick and say hello via email to, or call 855.227.8732 ext. 706.

New! CollegeAnywhere Website

CA-Logo1a-transp-large-web-zohoCollegeAnywhere’s new website will be rolling out with next week’s Webinar. A new look, with responsive design and new navigation, will help you easily find information on CollegeAnywhere and our CollegeAnywhere Tools and content Collections. We’ll give you a quick look as part of next week’s webinar.

Next CollegeAnywhere Webinar Monday, December 21

The next CollegeAnywhere free webinar, “CollegeAnywhere Update,” is scheduled for Monday, December 21, 2015 at 2 pm EDT.

The webinar will look at some of the latest research on media content in teaching and learning, a result work we are doing as part of a grant we are developing to bring unique integration and uses of media in course presentation.

We’ll also take a few monents to introduce the new features in the Video Upload tool, along with a chance to introduce Rick Fiore, and to give a look at the new CollegeAnywhere website.

To sign up for the free webinar, go to CollegeAnywhere’s GoToWebinar registration page. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Recordings and resources from our past webinars are available on the CollegeAnywhere website,

A word from the Executive Director:

As we complete another year, and continue with academic year 2015-2016, we have just signed a partner agreement with Insturcture Canvas, and look forward to serving Canvas LMS users with our integrated Tools and Content resources. This adds to the LMS platforms we already fully support – Blackboard and WebStudy – and is the first of a new set of partnerships we plan for the new year. As always, please feel free to share your needs and interests with us. You can email me at, or call me at 267-702-3962 ext. 702. We look forward to discussing your needs and our solutions. – John Kahler


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