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CA My Uploads – the Place for all your content now combines Video, Content and Student Uploads in one place – all for $8999 per year (SD) for your entire institution!

Video Files

CA UI Video Upload

Video recording? Upload it to My Uploads. Any standard file format converted to device-friendly HTML-5 formats. Plus your file is machine transcribed automatically and captions added to the video. Edit captions if needed with an easy caption tool. For outstanding quality transcription, we offer the 99% accurate 3Play Media caption service as a premium option. Click here to learn more about 3Play Media services available from CollegeAnywhere.

Webcam Recording

CA UI - Webcam Recording

Want to record a lecture? Fire up your webcam and record away! Finish the session, upload and your video is converted, stored and automatically transcribed.

Mobile Video

Mobile Video

Video from your mobile device? Sure! Upload a video on your device. Record a new video live and upload. It will be added to your My Uploads place, converted and made ready to stream. Transcription? Of course.


We can handle and stream audio files too.


Accessibility is more important than ever, and CollegeAnywhere provides you with two options:

Standard machine transcription: your uploaded file is machine transcribed using AWS Transcription, captions are synchronized with your video,  and you can edit the captions with our web-based edit tool. Included AT NO EXTRA CHARGE with My Uploads.

3Play Captioning Service: 3Play Media is the 99% accurate premium captioning service used by thousands of solutions. A premium, extra fee option, 3Play uses a three step process to insure the highest quality captions: 1) high quality machine transcriptions created, 2) a skilled transcriptionist manually reviews and corrects captions for accuracy, and 3) the captions are reviewed to check for errors. The options available include transcription into other languages and audio description. All managed through CollegeAnywhere’s technology. 3Play captions are also accessible in the captioning tool for further refinement if needed. Click here to learn more about 3Play Media services available from CollegeAnywhere.

  • CollegeAnywhere content and uploads can be integrated with your Learning Management System via LTI. CollegeAnywhere’s APIs allow integration of CollegeAnywhere directly in other Learning Management Systems. Contact us for more information.
  • Contact CollegeAnywhere to test drive the CollegeAnywhere My Uploads and evaluate the outstanding content of our producer partners.
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