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CA My Uploads – the Place for all your content now combines Video, Content and Student Uploads in one place – all for $8999 per year (SD) for your entire institution!

My Uploads – Playlists lets you collect content – from CollegeAnywhere Collections, My Bookmarks, CA My Uploads and anywhere on the web – just supply a URL – and organize that content into playlists. Supply a link, embed in a course, make an easy to navigate collection of content, right in your My Uploads.

My Uploads - Playlists

My Uploads - Playlists

  • CollegeAnywhere content and uploads can be integrated with your Learning Management System via LTI. CollegeAnywhere’s APIs allow integration of CollegeAnywhere directly in other Learning Management Systems. Contact us for more information.
  • Contact CollegeAnywhere to test drive the CollegeAnywhere My Uploads and evaluate the outstanding content of our producer partners.
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