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CollegeAnywhere’s tools are fully integrated with Blackboard Learn by the CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block and in many learning systems by LTI. Contact us to ask about yours!

  • CollegeAnywhere’s set of web-based tools are designed to manage the content from CollegeAnywhere collections, along with content created and uploaded by faculty and instructional designers. CollegeAnywhere content can be used in any Learning Management System, as well as in blogs and faculty websites, or sent as links in email or on social networking. All content is login protected to insure compliance with licensing and copyright.
  • The Search Tool can search on the entire collection, looking for phrases, titles and series.Search Tool
  • Selecting Create a Bookmark takes you to the Bookmarking Tool.Bookmarking Tool
  • The Learning Module Tool allows content, including Bookmarks and content from the Upload Tools, to be used to create self-assessments that do not rely on an LMS assessment tool.Learning Module Tool
  • CollegeAnywhere has created Content Upload Tools that allow faculty, instructional designers and institutions to deliver video content as well as files from such popular applications as Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, and Adobe Acrobat, without needing the original application installed on the student’s computer.Upload Tool
  • Learn more about the Video Upload Tool and the Content Upload Tool. Uploaded content can also be used with the Learning Module Tool and through the CollegeAnywhere Blackboard Building Block. or LTI integration.
  • CollegeAnywhere’s APIs can allow integration of CollegeAnywhere directly in other Learning Management Systems. Contact us for more information.
  • Contact CollegeAnywhere to test drive the CollegeAnywhere Tools and evaluate the outstanding content of our producer partners.
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