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This includes CA Student Uploads for easy student assignments. Take your teaching and learning from Old School to New School (and manage your video usage to control costs)

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College Anywhere offers Collections of content licensed from outstanding producers, Institutional Collections for streaming your licensed content across the institution, and My Uploadsthe Place for uploading and managing instructor video and other content.

Looking for Annenberg Learner content? You’ll find the Annenberg Collection with the complete list of available series and samples here. Feel free to contact us with questions or for more information.

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Collection Spotlight: Annenberg Learner

The Annenberg Learner collection is renowned for its quality and content for a number of disciplines. CollegeAnywhere is pleased to continue our long relationship with Annenberg Learner as they go through changes, and look forward to serving a new range of users for this quality content! If you have used Learner content in the past, contact Matt Ditnes with your questions or to update your licensing. If you are new to Annenberg Learner, check out the collection!

Check out The Annenberg Learner Collection!

Collection Spotlight: The Business Library

The Business Library contains 72 programs in these six series: Introduction to Business Communication, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Introduction to Macroeconomics, Introduction to Marketing, Introduction to Microeconomics, and Legal Environment of Business, appropriate as a basis for a business curriculum, as well as for entrepreneurial and other programs where a foundation in business is essential.

Check out The Business Library!

The Business Library

Collection Spotlight: The Directors

“The Directors” shines the spotlight on 52 of Hollywood’s finest directors, from Robert Altman to David & Jerry Zucker, in 52 one-hour episodes, each focused on a single director. Straight talk and clips from the films of masters such as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Clint Eastwood, Barbara Streisand, Tim Burton…. illuminate each director’s distinctive vision and work. They discuss their creative choices, careers, and influences, and give the inside scoop on Hollywood. Appropriate for use in film appreciation, film study, media production, and other areas of study.

Check out The Directors!

The Directors

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